Bike or Wife?

I never thought I would be the type of women that would climb on the back on a Motorbike, until I met my fiancé. I become very intrigued, the first time I climbed onto the bike, and at the same time I was very nervous. Heinie was the one that encouraged me to ride with him, ensuring my safety and made me feel comfortable enough to climb onto the motorcycle. I have never regretted a second.


My life changed so much, and I became adventurous.  I have seen so much, and have been to so many places on the back of the bike, and this blog is to encourage other women to join their partners.  It brings couples closer and quality time is spent together.

Heinie has a BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle, which is more comfortable than a super bike, especially for a pillion.  It is so comfortable, that sometimes, I actually struggle to keep awake, which can be dangerous, however I always tend to hold on tightly, even if my eyes are closed. We have intercom headsets, that enables us to talk to one another, and if I become very quite, then Heinie starts speaking to me, to ensure I am still awake.

Before you climb onto the motorcycle, safety is key.  Please ensure you have the proper apparel to protect you.  The most important is the helmet, gloves and the jacket.  I have a three in one, which assists for cold, and rainy days too.

The trips that we share, are to areas of the country that anybody driving a car, are not always able to see.  We often try to take the roads less travelled.

These places are so picturesque, that we decided to start writing about them and sharing our adventurers journey together.


Trip to Franschhoek

This is the post excerpt.

In between mountains is the town Franschhoek, which is only about 75km from Cape Town.  It has centuries old vineyards and old Cape Dutch architecture.  Very good wines, and well known chefs are found in this little town. A must see for everyone travelling to the Western Cape. Local Market is open on a Saturday, Curio shops, jewellery shops, African Crafts, and so much more.  Have to go back with a bigger vehicle, as the motorcycle does not have much storage space, and definitely cannot fasten it to the top box.

As you enter this beautiful town, you see an old Motor museum on the right.  Something we still have not gone and discovered, so we are sure to go back.  The town is a big tourist attraction, and the Wine Tram is highly recommended.  Rather take an Uber, or stay in one of the fabulous guesthouses in the area, should you do some wine tasting.


We had breakfast and chose to eat at the local Woolworths, which is definitely worth trying and highly recommended.

We road up Fraschhoek pass, and the temperature changed from 27 degrees Celsius, to 16 degrees celsius, the higher we got up the pass.  Must say, it was a bit of a relief to have some cool weather, with the heat we have been experiencing here in Cape Town.